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Urban Green, LLC is a hybrid affordable housing and renewable energy firm specializing in the ownership and operation of sustainable, high-performance housing and energy systems. Whereas the housing and energy development sectors are often approached independently of each other, Urban Green has recognized that next generation communities will synthesize these sectors. This synthesis will require forward- thinking strategies that integrate energy and water management, health and affordability into every development opportunity. Our mission is to re-engineer the built-environment by incorporating the best practices in environmental stewardship and energy management to produce next-generation, sustainable living environments. Urban Green is inspired by the philosophy that sustainable and healthy living environments must be accessible to all families, regardless of their income. Since its inception, Urban Green has quickly emerged as an innovator in the development of high performance buildings and renewable energy systems. Unlike traditional development strategies, Urban Green takes the approach that the building structure itself can be the primary energy producer – capable of generating all or most of the energy it will consume far below grid rates. Our energy services are capable of owning and installing on-site and district energy systems at no-expense to property owners. For affordable housing communities, this approach is transformational in that it reduces development cost, reduces long-term operating expenses and promotes sustainable living environments that benefit both tenants and property owners.

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