Urban Green, LLC is a hybrid real estate development and renewable energy firm specializing in the ownership and operation of sustainable, high-performance housing and energy systems. Whereas the housing and energy development sectors are often approached independently of each other, Urban Green has recognized that next generation housing will synthesize these sectors. This synthesis will require forward-thinking strategies that integrate energy consumption, water management, tenant health and affordability into every development opportunity.


Urban Green, LLC is inspired by the philosophy that sustainable and healthy living environments must be accessible to all families, regardless of their income. Our development model seeks to re-engineer the built-environment by incorporating best practices in environmental stewardship, energy management and personal utility to produce next-generation, sustainable living environments. Our motto is simple: “Affordable, Sustainable, High-Performance Communities… Today.”


Urban Green, LLC seeks to partner with public and private sector organizations to develop customized housing and energy solutions. While our approach typically seeks to co-develop housing with local development partners, we can also assume the role of lead developer or development consultant. With this in mind, Urban Green partners with housing providers to identify and assess multiple sustainable housing strategies for individual sites or an entire housing portfolio. Once design and energy options are selected, Urban Green will implement a customized, turn-key development solution that includes coordination of all energy programs, tax incentives and green training requirements for staff and residents.

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